Cape Town: Table Mountain & Great Whites

  With only 36 precious hours in the beautiful city of Cape Town, time was of the essence. My usual activities on quick stopovers to this particular South African Capital (South Africa has three capital cities) include a visit to the nail bar, a delicious meal at NV80 with Don Pedro desserts and a swim … Continue reading Cape Town: Table Mountain & Great Whites

COVID & Crew: Our New Normal?

To put it lightly, this year hasn't gone quite as planned for anyone... And the likelihood of life returning to any semblance of normality in the context of pre-COVID life is unlikely. A quieter kind of passenger: cabin filled with PPE on a recent Virgin flight The way in which this pandemic has effected us … Continue reading COVID & Crew: Our New Normal?

An honest reflection on life as cabin crew

Life in the jet stream 22nd June 2020. Today marks two years since (re) joining the jet setting lifestyle of cabin crew after a 2 year hiatus. Today also marks day 83 of furlough during what is a pretty rough time for everyone in this industry, with huge uncertainty about the future. For a while … Continue reading An honest reflection on life as cabin crew